Nursing Department

The Nursing Department is part of the School of Health Sciences and Welfare of the Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece). It was established in 1983 and belongs to Greece’s public system of Tertiary Education.

The Department aims at introducing students to the dynamic nature of Nursing, as applied in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Healthcare, as well as formulating a knowledge basis, skills and attitudes, thanks to which the graduate will be able to evaluate healthcare needs of patients, to properly intervene for their coverage through evidence-based care, and finally to evaluate care outcomes.

The subject area of this Department, which is covered through the study program, includes the theoretical, laboratory and clinical education of students by providing contemporary, evidence-documented knowledge, and by teaching courses which represent and cover the entirety of modern nursing practice, the growth of analytical, critical and reflective thought, and the understanding of the principles and methods of nursing research.

It offers the graduates of the Department a Bachelor Nursing Degree.

In Greece graduates holding a Bachelor of Nursing degree can be found working in:

  • Public or private hospitals
  • Primary Health Care centers and other forms of primary health care (e.g. mental health care units)
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Private Practice
  • Other public services (e.g. school nurse)
  • Post-Secondary or Upper Education (Institutes of Occupational Training, Technological Educational Institutes, University)

The graduates of the Department also have great job opportunities abroad.

This Department participates in the Inter-disciplinary Post-graduate Studies Program “Rehabilitation Sciences”, which includes Language and Speech Therapy, Nursing and Physiotherapy, and runs since the spring semester of the 2015-16 academic year. This Program is oriented towards the graduates of health sciences, and aims at the provision of inter-disciplinary education to ensure evidence-documented knowledge, the formulation of skills, and the development of methodologies and clinical implementations in Rehabilitation.

Major advantages of the Department are:

  • Its excellent facilities
  • Faculty members have teaching, research and professional experience
  • Remarkable opportunities for professional employment even in today’s era of crisis
  • Worldwide increasing acknowledgement and autonomy of nursing profession
  • Opportunities for professional development, post-graduate studies and conducting research
  • Ability of saving human lives, pain relief, and improving patient functioning


ΤΕΙ Δυτικής Ελλάδας

Contact Info

Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece)

  • Address: Megalou Alexandrou1 str., Koukouli, Patra, Greece
  • Postal Code.: 263 34
  • Tel.: +30 2610 325 101


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