Department of Business Administration in Messolonghi

The Department of Business Administration resulted (2013) from the merger of the Departments:-Social Cooperative Enterprises and Organizations (DI.K.S.E.O.)- Applied Informatics in Management and Economy (E.P.D.O.) of former TEI (Institute of Technology) of Messolonghi, according to decree 94/2013.The Department of Social - Cooperative Enterprises and Organizations was one of the oldest departments of former TEI of Messolonghi while the Department of Applied Informatics in Management and Economy (EPDO) had the largest student population.

It offers three courses of study:

a. Business Administration

b. Management of Social Economy

c. Management of Information Systems

The Department of Business Administration provides an educational environment adapted to the modern needs of Higher Education. The modern curriculum, combines theoretical and applied IT, Management and Economics knowledge, that meet the needs of business planning and administration of, manufacturing sector business, service business, public organizations, the cooperative organizations and non- governmental organizations (NGOs).

There are two laboratories:

It participates in the postgraduate program: Historic Demography with the cooperation of Department of History, Ionian University and Department of Business Administration, TEI of Peloponnese.

The Department cooperates with european educational institutions as with Universita degli Studi di Macerata, in Italy, in the framework of the research program History on Line, that is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme. Additionally, in the framework of the research program LLP Erasmus has signed bilateral agreement with educational institutions in Denmark as well as in Poland.

Web Site:

ΤΕΙ Δυτικής Ελλάδας

Contact Info

Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece)

  • Address: Megalou Alexandrou1 str., Koukouli, Patra, Greece
  • Postal Code.: 263 34
  • Tel.: +30 2610 325 101


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