Computing & Information Systems Laboratory- Cis Lab

The institutionalized Research Laboratory "Computing & Information Systems - CisLab» - Department of Business Administration - Messolonghi, School of Management and Economics, Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece), was established by the Government Gazette 1215 / 23.6.2015 issue II. Open from 01.31.2005, with no. N.1 / 1.5.31 Council Decision p. Department "Applied Informatics in Administration and Economy - EPDO" Fr. TEI Messolonghi.

The Workshop aims to upgrade the research work carried out at the Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece) as well as providing services and research products to the labor market through the cooperation with the relevant institutions..

The basic laboratory research focuses on the following areas:

  • Databases. Study of new technologies and the special characteristics of the Internet as well as their modeling, in order to develop information search algorithms and filtering it (modeling, Semantic Web, ontologies etc.). Safety data and information handling. Addressing complex data management queries and storage methods (storage methods) and Fine collection of information.
  • Information systems. Development of specialized information systems (such as banking applications, accountancy, etc. Enterprises and organizations) with new technologies (Internet). Development of User Interface design methods for the management of information and investigation of construction tools. Multimedia applications at the service of Information Systems. Study of construction depending on the query requirements of storage and information management.
  • E-Learning. Developing modern learning models and knowledge assessment in theoretical or applied disciplines through Integrated Information Systems. Design and creation of micro-Worlds educational depending on the user's age. knowledge self-assessment systems.
  • Human Computer Interaction. Design and development of interactive learning environments. Study on user behavior in interactive systems, evaluation of the interaction, interactive research system performance parameters based on user experience.
  • Modeling and Analysis of Performance Information Systems.
  • Operating Systems. Study possibilities, programming and integration code.

Director: Aristogiannis Garbis, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration – Messolonghi


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