The main objective of the Institution is excellence in research and education. Research and education are related concepts, because the excellent and high quality education creates a solid foundation for multifaceted research activity and vice versa, new research results can be incorporated into the training process.

Achieving this dual goal requires the combined upgrade of theoretical and technical training (supportive objectives), by reviewing and conducting modern curricula, including the strengthening of the theoretical background of the offered sciences and their practical application in the fields of expertise and labor market.

Further deepening and specialization is targeted to the establishment and provision of postgraduate programs (supportive objective). The motivation for achieving the above dual objective, includes extroversion and internationalization in general and reciprocal returns, not just in regional and national development.


The priorities for the fuller theoretical training of students are:

  • Improving teacher to learners’ ratio, based on international best practice standards. That is, it is imperative to recruit large numbers of permanent academic staff in all departments, which are understaffed.
  • Ensuring the timely recruitment of necessary and appropriate temporary personnel and three-year contracts (not per semester) to support the design by three years, and allow the integration of temporary teachers in the educational and research spirit of Foundations,
  • The use of knowledge, experience, international standards and proposals of Foreign Assessment Reports departments to reform curricula,
  • The certification curriculum so that the Departments have modern curricula, in line with international standards,
  • Strengthening and facilitating teachers to participate in conferences, workshops and schools for continuing education,
  • The funding support intellectual property of the Institution, with the exploitation of research results.


Priorities for the complete technological training are:

  • The interconnection of theoretical training with practical training. The Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece) participates in all actions of Western Greece, the professional organizations (chambers), and maintains a close network of communication with local actors (local authorities, educational institutions, local economic and social actors) in all areas where it operates the existence of parts. As part of this cooperation, the local actors can exploit students of Western Greece University of Applied Sciences both developing internship and in their jobs as market professionals.
  • Participation of Western Greece University of Applied Sciences and support the development planning of Western Greece Region in shaping innovative actions and entrepreneurship (RIS3, RUE, etc.)
ΤΕΙ Δυτικής Ελλάδας

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