Excellence in Research

The Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece) considers that a prerequisite for the emergence of excellence in research are:

  •  The full operation of research laboratories.
  • The creation of appropriate academic and administrative environment to encourage and support the participation of faculty planning and conduct of research programs. The objective is the percentage increase in both submissions research and development projects in national and European calls for proposals and the increase of successfully undertaking projects.
  • The upgrading of the Research Committee on the creation of supporting infrastructure to undertake to assist the scientific leaders in the writing and preparation of research proposals,
  • Create value added services utilizing the Western Greece University of Applied Sciences structures Western Greece (Laboratory of Soil Region of Western Greece, model farm, clinical health sciences, health services offer in synergy with medical facilities of Western Greece, etc.),
  • Production of new high value added products.
  • Strengthening of the Institute's role in PATRAS IQ report.
  • Encouraging and increasing participation of teaching staff in all forms of mobility through the ERASMUS + and transnational programs.


Western Greece University of Applied Sciences aims at achieving excellence in education by:

  • Creating small teaching groups with teacher learner ratio that does not exceed 1:30 (currently the institution is close to 1: 110, taking into account only active students of the first 6 years)
  • Strengthening ICT to provide synchronous and asynchronous education.
  • Encouraging students to participate in the research process
  • Encouraging and increasing the participation of students in mobility through the ERASMUS + and transnational programs.
  • Introduction seminar training forms for providing specialized and innovative knowledge.
ΤΕΙ Δυτικής Ελλάδας

Contact Info

Western Greece University of Applied Sciences (TEI of Western Greece)

  • Address: Megalou Alexandrou1 str., Koukouli, Patra, Greece
  • Postal Code.: 263 34
  • Tel.: +30 2610 325 101


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